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Heaven is a powerfully evocative concept with transcendental connotations for most belief systems, be they secular or religious.

Drawing by Glada Kuka, age 10
Glada Kuka, age 10, Albania

In the heart of every child, there is a HOPE, a DREAM, an IDEAL, a FANTASY. A vision of HEAVEN... out of which new worlds of imagination are born!


VR Heaven Logo VR Heaven is a special project for the 6th World Children's Festival July 31 to Aug 2, 2020 on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Young artists will be chosen from the 6th Arts Olympiad to paint their heaven, along with the guidance of some previous Arts Olympiad winners. These artists will gather to paint their collective HEAVENS, and these masterpieces will become a fully immersive virtual reality experience, VR Heaven, that may inspire and heal many others.

Photo of smiling children messy with paint

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